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Constructive Statement by Our Liberal Party Leader Bob Rae on Reviving the Israel-Palestine Peace Process

Posted on April 11, 2013

In the last federal election the Liberal Party was demonized as being anti-Israel. Nothing can be further from the truth. Today Bob Rae’s statement once more shows that Liberals understand this is not about being pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian. It is about being a participant in ending an intractable conflict by being a catalyst for making peace.

In his statement Mr. Rae said:

“Liberals welcome U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts to renew Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, and we hope that Canada will return to playing an active and constructive role in these negotiations. The Canadian government must find ways to support this process, and should continue to provide political counsel, and technical and humanitarian assistance, to both sides. In particular, we should enhance our role with respect to assistance in the justice sector, including education and training of judges and senior justice officials, which was initiated by my colleague, Irwin Cotler, in his discussions with the Palestinians.

In many conversations with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, I have emphasized the significance of confidence-building measures. It is vital that during these negotiations, neither partner demands something that they know the other cannot deliver. The Liberal Party strongly encourages both sides to negotiate in good faith and with a commitment to achieving a comprehensive resolution.

A successful peace process is in the best interest of everyone in the region and in the international community. Liberals will continue to push the Canadian government to work with our partners to achieve a lasting peace for all.”

As a person of Jewish heritage I have never seen the position of the Liberal Party as being one that doesn’t understand the circumstances of this complex struggle between Israelis and Palestinians who both wish to live at peace in their own internationally recognized nation states. For the Conservative Party to have attempted to ascribe to our Party an anti-Israel position is an affront to me. I hope you think so too and as we move towards the next federal vote recognize the injustice of the propaganda that was foisted on York Centre by Mark Adler, Steven Harper and the Conservative Party.


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